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Tunisian people have chosen to be part of free world

Published the:  04/03/2016

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04 March – TAP - The Tunisian people have chosen to be part of the free world, said Prime Minister Habib Essid Thursday on the sidelines of a working session held in the headquarters of Eurojust (an agency of the European Union dealing with judicial co-operation in criminal matters).

We are in the stage of implementing the Constitution and the country is faces with important challenges, on top of them the challenges of security and unemployment which is relatively high 15.2 pc,” Essid recalled.

He added that Tunisia which is a young democracy has important needs in matters of employment, specifying that as being the solution to the unemployment problem, investment is inherent to security improvement and social peace establishment as part of agreements between the various stakeholders.

A development strategy for the 2016/2020 year focusing on investment and job creation had been devised, the PM pointed out.

Speaking about the security challenges facing Tunisia, national member for France Frédéric Baab said that Paris Public Prosecutor specialized in fight against terrorism, is involved in the investigation initiated after the Bardo attack.

Eurojust is a contact point for the French and Tunisian judiciary authorities,” he pointed out, specifying that this institution allows the judges of various countries concerned by a file to get together and devise a joint strategy of investigation in this file.

The working session was attended by Eurojust President Michèle Coninsx, Legal Department Head Jose Castillo Garcia and the delegation accompanying the prime minister.