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Joint release of the Ministries of Interior and National Defense

Published the:  07/03/2016

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March 7, 2016 - At dawn today March 7, 2016, in a first assessment, security and national army units killed 21 terrorists and arrested 6 others. 4 people died after synchronized attacks by armed terrorists against security and the national guard sectors and the army barrack in Bengerdane.

At the moment the common units are chasing the terrorist groups, the entrance to the city and the sensitive points are also secured, intensive air patrols take place mainly on the borders. Border crossings of Ras Jdir, Dh'hiba and Wasen are currently closed.

The Ministries of Interior and Defence call Bengerdane citizens to stay at home, to be vigilant and calm, and to contact the following numbers in case of suspicious movements of terrorists:

- Hotline : 80101111

- 71335000

- The National Guard : 193

- The National Security : 197.

The ministry also calls on the media to be cautious in the information processing and wait releases from official sources which will appear successively, this to allow the steady progress of operation.