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Essid announces new projects for Ben Guerdane

Published the:  13/03/2016

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13 March 2016 - TAP - A water desalination plant and 7 or 8 wells will be achieved in Ben Guerdane by means of 40 million dinars are the two projects announced, Sunday, by Prime Minister Habib Essid during his visit in Ben Guerdane, following the triple terrorist attack in this city.

A sewage plant worth 14 million dinars, road electrification and fitting-out by means of 60 million dinars were also announced by Essid during a press conference at the Jallel barracks.

He specified that these measures will be discussed during an extraordinary Cabinet meeting, speaking about other measures taken for the region’s benefit, such as the installation of a scanner in the city’s hospital and the reinforcement of its human resources in medical specialists.

Other projects will be activated notably the achievement of a free trade zone in Shusha whose works will be started this year by means of 120 million dinars.

The achievement works of an integrated project in El Ouaar (53 MD) and the Medenine/Ras Jedir highway will be hastened, Essid underlined.

He lauded on the occasion, the role played by the citizens of Ben Guerdane in thwarting the attack against the city, highlighting the symbiosis existing between citizens, the army and the police.

Besides, he thanked the police and the army for the heroic work accomplished to defend the nation, despite the scarcity of resources, calling them to be always vigilant.

At the Arab Maghreb square, the premier had a meeting with citizens who massed to express in a symbolic gesture their attachment to national unity and to the nation.

Earlier, Essid paid a visit to the Martyrs’ square, the districts of the police and national guard and the military barracks targeted in the March 7 terrorist attack.