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Government committed to give importance to administrative reform and social economy

Published the:  14/03/2016

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14 March 2016 - TAP - Prime Minister Habib Essid reaffirmed the government’s commitment to put more emphasis on administrative reform, governance and social economy in the five-year development plan 2016-2020, said a statement from the Prime Ministry.

Speaking at a Cabinet meeting held Monday in Kasbah to consider the main orientations of the five-year development plan, Essid highlighted the need to implement a series of structural reforms, including the areas of administration, legislation, financing, business climate and implementation of the decentralisation process.

The desired goal is to bolster the regional and local development process, he noted.

The Prime Minister also stressed the importance of establishing a legislative framework governing the social economy, besides an information and outreach strategy.

The Cabinet reviewed the key economic, social and structural reforms expected in the five-year plan; these reforms are based an accurate diagnosis of the reality of the development process in the country and the main issues and challenges posed in the various areas.