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Government initiates procedures for implementation of law on right of access to information

Published the:  14/03/2016

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14 March 2016 - TAP - The Ministry of Civil Service, Governance and Fight against Corruption has initiated preparations for the implementation of provisions of the law on the right of access to information, the department said on Monday.

A draft decree organizing activities related to access to information in public structures and setting out conditions for the creation of internal advisory committees is now being developed, the source said.

The department will also start establishing a training program for officers responsible for access to information in public services and civil servants, in general.

The organization defending the right to freedom of expression “Article 19” has called on the Tunisian authorities to adopt implementing regulations for “an effective application” of the right of access to information, in particular the creation of an authorities of access to information and developing a plan of action with the participation of the civil society.

The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) had adopted last March 11 the organic law on access to information, considered as the first application text of the new Constitution of January 2014, in freedom of expression.