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Cabinet meeting considers draft organic law on common provisions for constitutional authorities

Published the:  15/03/2016

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15 March 2016 - TAP - An inner Cabinet meeting was held on Tuesday in El Kasbah Government Palace to consider a draft organic law on common provisions for independent constitutional authorities.

The meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Habib Essid, reviewed the set of provisions in this bill, namely objectives, principles, powers and composition of constitutional bodies.

The legal framework will be further supplemented by the adoption of an organic law for each authority, according to a press release from the Prime Ministry.

Habib Essid stressed the need to speed up the completion of the legislative framework to allow the establishment as soon as possible of these bodies which will be entrusted with such important issues as human rights, rights of future generations, good governance and fight against corruption.

The January 2014 constitution dedicates a chapter to constitutional bodies (Articles 125-130).

They are the election authority, the broadcasting authority, the human rights authority, the sustainable development and protection of rights of future generations’ authority and the good governance and anti-corruption authority.