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PM in Bardo Museum: culture remains critical in fight against terrorism

Published the:  18/03/2016

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18 March 2016 - TAP - Present at the memorial ceremony held in Bardo Museum on the first anniversary of the March 18, 2015 attack, Prime Minister Habib Essid said “terrorist crimes will not prevent us from moving ahead in entrenching the foundations of a strong state by its laws and institutions.”

He added that “terrorists who imagined that by committing this horrible massacre and killing innocent civilians will shake stability in the country and destroy its lifestyle have totally failed thanks to the bravery and unity of all the Tunisian people.”

Tunisia will always be the country of tolerance that stands against obscurantism which has no religion or belonging.”

“Culture remains crucial in the fight against terrorism and in immunising society from the dangers of extremism and speeches of hatred,” he pointed out.

The Prime Minister also said that the “heroic battle of Ben Guerdane has shown that terrorism has no future in our country since all Tunisians - men and women - as well as the security and military institutions remain a bulwark to fight these criminals,” reaffirming that the fight against terrorism “which goes beyond all boundaries” requires regional and international co-operation on a larger scale.