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Cabinet meeting

Published the:  19/04/2016

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19 April 2016 - TAP - A Cabinet meeting held, Tuesday, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Habib Essid, adopted two government decrees on the creation of management by objectives' units, regarding projects to construct dams in the region of Bizerte and carry out road infrastructure projects funded by the World Bank (WB).

Government spokesman Khaled Chaouket said the Cabinet also discussed employment, pointing out that 24,550 job offers were posted by employment offices and that about 38,548 people have benefited of employment programmers.

The Cabinet stressed, in this regard, the need to support independent work and SMEs promotion, recalling that 849 people have received premiums.

The Cabinet meeting held has focused on the situation of the market supply in basic products.

Government spokesman Khaled Chouket said market supply is abundant, while an increase has been recorded in prices of most vegetables and some fruit.

Regarding external trade in Q1 this year, results show a 7.2% drop in exports, despite the 9.5% rise in offshore companies’ exports from only 1% in 2015.

The results also show a recovery in the export of phosphate and fertilisers estimated at 97.2% against a decline by 37.6% in 2015.

As for imports, they fell 8.2% and the trade balance deficit has deteriorated by increasing 0.6%, particularly due to the rise of imports of consumer products by nearly 13.1%.  Energy imports have dropped by 43.1%.