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Cabinet meeting considers draft decrees on PPP contracts

Published the:  26/05/2016

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(TAP) - An inner Cabinet meeting, which was chaired by Prime Minister Habib Essid on Wednesday in Dar Dhiafa, Carthage, considered draft decrees on public/private partnership (PPP) contracts.

These decrees set out the organisation and powers of the PPP general commission, besides the conditions and procedures for granting partnership contracts.

They also define the composition and powers of the strategic partnership council as well as the management of the Register of Real Rights applied to fixed buildings, institutions and installation created under PPP.

The Prime Minister recommended speeding up the adoption of decrees to facilitate the activity of investors and accelerate the pace of action between the two sectors.

He also urged reducing the time of administrative procedures, especially as the government relies on the PPP to win the battle of development and fight against unemployment.