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Inner cabinet meeting devoted to draft law on whistleblowing

Published the:  01/06/2016

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(TAP) - An inner cabinet meeting held, on Tuesday in Kasbah palace under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Habib Essid was devoted to the draft law on whistleblowing.

The bill is part of the efforts provided by the government aimed notably, to consecrate transparency and good governance, and guarantee accountability through whistleblowing, a statement of the Prime Ministry indicates.

The cabinet meeting reviewed the different aspects of the draft law which also aims to boost trust in the public and private institutions by involving them in the development of the policies of fight against any form of corruption.

The draft law includes a set of measures which provide the establishment of whistleblowing mechanisms in addition to the protection of the whistleblowers. The aim being to boost the principles of transparency, integrity and accountability in the public and private sectors, the same statement reads.

"The bill will, undoubtedly, have a remarkable impact on the administration, the citizens and the civil society," asserted the Prime Minister, cited in the statement.