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Women Ministry’s programs presented to Prime Minister

Published the:  03/06/2016

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June 3, 2019 – TAP - The programs launched by the Ministry of Women in interior regions on family support, fight against terrorism, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship were tackled by Minister of Women, Family and Child Affairs, Samira Merai Friaa at a meeting with Prime Minister Habib Essid on Friday in Kasbah.

 Samira Merai Friaa said her department has launched 1,341 small and medium projects for families of landlocked regions under a support program funded by the National Solidarity Fund.

 "The Ministry of Women has also agreed to the creation of 25 medium enterprises in inland areas, with an employability capacity of more than 120 job positions per enterprise,” she pointed out.

While stressing the interest that the Ministry of Women shows for the promotion of legislation to improve programs targeting women, children and the family, Merai reviewed the program of events planned for National Children’s Day to be celebrated next June 16.