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Cabinet meeting

Published the:  15/06/2016

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June 15, 2019 – TAP - The government will continue its action as part of its commitment to protect the democratic process, said Spokesman for the government Khaled Chawket, asserting that the cabinet will continue to support the presidential initiative on the creation of a national unity government in line with the provisions of the Constitution.

Khaled Chawket, who was speaking on Wednesday afternoon in the Government Palace in Kasbah, said the cabinet meeting chaired today by Prime Minister Habib Essid called for the need to boost productivity in all sectors and not to succumb to the wait-and-see approach. He spoke of the inspection campaign organised by the Ministry of Civil Service, Governance and Fight against Corruption in public institutions.

The cabinet meeting considered the "serious" economic indicators including the depreciation of the dinar against the dollar and the Euro, Chawket said, adding the Trade Ministry will hold a meeting with the press, next Monday, to announce urgent measures to help stop the fall of the currency.

Taking stock of the recent visit of the Foreign Affairs Minister in Qatar, Chawket announced the signing of 2 loan agreements in the form of deposit each worth $ 500 million. Qatar pledged, on this occasion, to fund the building of a children's hospital for an overall cost of $ 120 million.

The cabinet meeting approved four draft laws providing for:

  • Exposure of corruption,
  • Completion of the organic law on the High Committee of Human Rights and Fundamental Liberties,
  • Loan guarantees between Tunisia and the United States of America.
  • Loan guarantees between Tunisia and the French Development Agency.

The cabinet meeting also approved government decrees providing for:

  • Regulation concerning enlisted youth,
  • Signing of co-operation agreement in the field of defence with Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait,
  • Signing of co-operation agreement in the security field with Jordan, Turkey and Bahrain,
  • Intervention mechanisms of the fund for the prevention of road accidents
  • Appointment of chairman of the Customs Conciliation and Expertise Committee
  • Conditions for adoption of the Tunisian curricula in private educational institutions abroad
  •  Adoption of a framework cooperation agreement between Tunisia and France in the educational field.

As regards indicators in the first five months of 2016, job offers stand at 35,471. Inflation rate stabilised at 3.6%, the same source said.