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Essid ready to resign at end of consultations on forming national unity government

Published the:  17/06/2016

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June 17, 2015 – TAP - Prime Minister Habib Essid is ready to resign at the end of consultations between the various parties and national forces for the formation of a national unity government, a source from the ruling coalition told TAP.

Essid, who held talks on Friday in Tunis, with party leaders of the ruling coalition, said, however, he will continue to assume his responsibilities "to prevent" any possible vacuum and all that could disrupt the progress of the state institutions "until the end of the consultations on the formation of a national unity government.

According to a statement from the Prime Ministry, Essid said his government received positively the initiative of the President of the Republic. "Every effort must be registered as part of this initiative for not to miss the achievement of its objectives," he further said, the same source added.

The Prime Ministry had previously indicated, in a statement, that the meetings of Habib Essid with political parties leaders do not serve to seek an alternative to the initiative of the president, but rather to contribute to consultations on this proposal to establish a national unity government.

Nidaa Tounes leader Abdelaziz El Kotti told TAP, on Friday, the coordination of the ruling parties coalition decided, in the meeting of last Thursday, to "withdraw political support" to the government of Essid, noting that if he will be focus of consensus, it is possible to propose new candidate for the Presidency of the government.