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Significant progress in drafting State property code, new piece of legislation on foreign property (minister)

Published the:  09/07/2016

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July 9, 2016 – TAP - There has been significant progress in drafting the State property code and the new piece of legislation on foreign property, Minister of State Property and Land Affairs Hatem El Euch indicated. They will be submitted to the Prime Ministry within the coming days, he said as he met Saturday with Premier Habib Essid.

El Euch also announced that a white paper that addresses issues in relation to state property management and puts forward possible solutions is in the making, reads a Prime Ministry press release. The State property code is among the key legislative reforms in this area and will replace legislation dating back to 1918, the minister highlighted.

The State Property and Land Affairs Minister said the Prime Minister emphasised the need to speed up the drafting of the new legislation on foreign property so that it is brought forward as soon as possible for consideration in a cabinet meeting.