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Essid calls to anchor dialogue with European partners on migration

Published the:  28/07/2016

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(TAP)- Speaking, on Thursday at the opening of the annual forum of Tunisian Expatriates under the banner "Tunisian expatriates in public policy," Prime Minister Habib Essid stressed the need to anchor dialogue with European partners on migration, over the coming five-year plan.

He also called for the need to promote the gains and rights of Tunisians living abroad who are now facing difficulties related to the difficult economic and security situation in the hosting countries.

This forum, he said, is an opportunity to reconnect with the Tunisian Diaspora abroad while the country is going through a delicate stage marked by challenges including mainly the fight against terrorism and establishment of social justice, believing that these challenges require the mobilization of efforts of all Tunisians.

Essid, also indicated that the choice of topics on the forum "The role of Tunisians in the 2016-2020 development plan" and "the role of the National Council of Tunisian expatriates in public policies" illustrates the interest in this empowered community, he said, to play a leading role in the development of the national economy, representing the interests of Tunisia and investment promotion.

The Prime Minister underlined commitment to place the concerns and expectations of Tunisians abroad within the heart of national priorities, indicating that the 2016/2020 guideline has several operational mechanisms to facilitate administrative and customs procedures and to defend the rights and achievements of the Tunisian community abroad.

He has also called on the associations of Tunisians abroad to work together to improve the situation of this community that now has, he said, a national council.

This council, he said, represents a "gain" insofar as it helps strengthen ties with the Tunisian Diaspora abroad and benefit from their experience and expertise, adding that this structure is consulted imperatively on the legislative and regulatory draft texts as well as international conventions and agreements relating to Tunisians expatriates.

Essid added that the council will be tasked with intervening in national policy of protection of Tunisians abroad and develop legislation and regulations promoting the contribution of this community to national development.

The forum is attended by Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Higher Education, MPs and representatives of civil society.